Friday, August 31, 2007

"California Palm Trees" ©

After having lunch today with Lynne Fearman (great plein air painter, check her paintings out at, I was noticing that most of the trees and bushes were dull and thirsty, surviving the 100 plus degree day. Except, the Palm Trees! They danced in the breeze, singing to the sun. And so smiling, I painted them.

Oil on Panel, 12" X 16"


Mari said...

I love the colors of these palm trees.

Your name sounds familiar and I noticed that you live in the SCV, too. If I'm not mistaken I've seen you display your art at the Thursday Farmers' Market about 2 years ago.

Laura Wambsgans said...

Great memory Mari. I did take some paintings to Old Town Newhall for the market, seems like years ago. That is amazing that you remember. Thank you for looking at my work, most of the scenes should be very familiar to you. Palm trees just beg to be painted. Laura

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