Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Santa Clara Riverbed, January" ©

The first real storm of the winter hit yesterday. Wind and rain pelted the windows and doors begging to come in. Before the storm, near the market, I painted one of my favorite views of the Santa Clara Riverbed that cuts through our valley. I am sure that the wind stripped the last of the leaves and the trees are now naked.

Oil on Canvas, 6" X 8"

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Faltiska said...


I am Alfred, from Romania.
I am maintaining a blog that, in time, became something of a small art
It started like a place to publish my own patinings and poetry but now it

I found your website searching the web and I think your paintings are
I would very much like to dedicate an article to your art to help romanian
readers get to know you ad your work.

I trust that you will be in the company of great painters there.
If you would find the time to check some of them out, please have a look at, or

The website is in romanian only but I can translate to you some of the
articles, if you need me to.

Would you agree with me publishing an article about you and displaying some
of your works?

Kind regards


Laura Wambsgans said...

Dear Alfred, I appreciate the request and would be honored. Jeremy Lipking and Nancy Eckels are both artists that I deeply admire and would very much like to be included with. As you said I can't read the content but the images you have chosen are of very high caliber. Thank you for looking at my work. Wishing you great success. Laura

Faltiska said...

Hi Laura,

The honor is really mine. Thank you for your kind words.

I saw that you already found the article.
I don't think my English is good enough but let me try. Here's a rough translation.

"Welcome back everybody.
After a long break, please allow me to start 2008 with a painter from Santa Clarita, California.
Laura Wambsgans, much like I do, loves landscapes so it really seems like a the best way to start a new year.

Watching her paintings I notice she is incline to realism, trying to capture nature as well as possible.
After looking at around 100 paintings on her blog (link) I think I see a slight tendency towards autumn colors or sunrises.
On the other hand, the next painting contradicts me.

(shot of "Season of Gold" next to "Palo Verde")

I can say for sure that her thick brush strokes, show a well studied imprecision like the one that amazes me in Ovanes Berberian (link).

If I were to choose a favorite painting I would probably go with Last Light, a composition to which Laura returns now and again, and probably her favorite too since it is the one to welcome you on her site (link).

The dark tree crown in the foreground next to the bright yellow of the sky in the background has a violent brilliance as if there a light source behind the it. She manages to capture the back lit effects, just look at the border transparency of the bush in the middle of the scene.
Most impressive is that the absence of reds and yellows turns the road dust to violet, although we know it is grey, lacking any color.
It is almost like a photo camera tried to adjust its white balance after the left top portion that is dominated by warm colors, producing a displacement towards cold colors in the bottom right portion. Spectacular.

(shot of Last Light)

Here are some other creations signed Laura Wambsgans.

(small gallery)

If you want to see more please visit her site and her blog (links)."

Thank you for approving this article.
By the way, if you would like to recommend a friend artist for one of the next articles I would be delighted to get to know her or his work.

Best regards,


Laura Wambsgans said...

Alfred I printed out your comment and everytime I feel frustrated or lost I will read your words and feel wonderful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Laura

Faltiska said...

It was my pleasure.

Would you like to recommend an artist for one my next articles?



Laura Wambsgans said...

Belinda DelPesco is one of the top artists in the "Daily Painting/Blogging" world. Besides her polished unique art work she is a lovely lady that I am grateful to know. I have a link to her from my blog. I will keep an eye on your site, Alfred and wish you great success. Laura

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