Friday, June 05, 2009

"Rancho Camulos" ©

Raymar panels are high quality and I just received a shipment of the double primed linen panels. In order to really compare the support I painted this little view again of Rancho Camulos in the morning light. Since I had just painted the same view plein air on a Fredrix Linen panel (my current favorite) it was a good test to see the differences. I knew how the paint moved and worked into the Fredrix and the Raymar was quite different. I did appreciate the smooth finish of the Raymar and how the paint seemed to stay fresh and lively.

Oil on Raymar panel, 8" X 10"


Marian Fortunati said...

So I'm curious... How ARE they different??
I just posted something because I just painted on a Raymar linen panel for the first time..... But it's also my first time using linen...
Different that canvas for sure and not at all what I expected... I had expected sort of nubly which is what I thought I understood from others, but it was quite smooth.
I liked it, but I'm not sure it's worth the difference in cost... In fact I asked that in my post.

This is the same scene you sold on the spot there at Rancho Camulos isn't it?? Did you do this from your photos or from memory??

Laura Wambsgans said...

Hi Marian, Good questions. First on the panels, here the differences I feel: The Raymar is smoother and had a limit on how much paint can be applied, like tooth on Wallis Paper using pastels. Also using a bristle brush you can scrape down to the linen easily. The paint applied stays fresh and bright for quite a while. The Fredrix Linen panel has a elegant pattern of linen that will show where your darks are thinly applied. It's very versital, allows you to mix the paint on the panel and yet you can take a brush load of thick paint, place the stroke and it will lay down beautifully.

This is the same scene that I sold at the paint out. What I had done was shot a digital image at the Rancho before the buyer took the painting and between that and my memory I could sketch out a little painting. Actually it was fun and I was needing a little "fun".

Thanks again for the good questions, I just wish google comments had spell check. :)

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