Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"Big Sur Creek" ©

The painting of Laguna 2 posts ago just never pulled together. So tonight like a bad child I grabbed the panel and painted this scene right over it! Oh it was fun to see that painting just disappear, never to see the light of day again. I'll admit I am painting seriously for a couple of shows, they are bigger works and not blog-able yet. Going nuts for a bit was a nice break.
Oil on (used) panel, 9" X 12"


Marian Fortunati said...

This is wonderful.... I can't believe you painted right over the other one!! Well this is what was supposed to be done, I guess.

It was great seeing you today and the painting you made today was CERTAINLY "blog-able"... REALLLYYYY nice!!

Laura Wambsgans said...

It's such fun to cut loose. Yesterday was so very good, catching up with art buddies and painting out, instead of under lights. I hope you blog your cherry tree, glowing whenever the clouds let a bit of light through. It's a sweet painting!

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