Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Chasing The Sun" ©

I am getting close to wrapping up this larger studio painting of the previous post and posted it after feeling that tug of not posting for a few days. Over the weekend I attended "The Society for the Advancement of Plein Air Painting" exhibit on Catalina Island, which was an inspiring event from the flurry of sales to mastery of the paintings. Last night Gale, owner of Gale's Restaurant in Pasadena hosted "A Taste Of Art" benefiting cancer patients and their families, a huge success, great food (crab cakes and pizza like I had never tasted before) and a very friendly crowd. Donating a painting to the event is an annual event for me along with several other artists (Belinda DelPesco, Nancy Eckels, Karen Winters, Trish Kertes, Karen Hansen, Leslie Saeta, Raymond Logan, Kendra Page and more). It felt good to back at the easel working on "Chasing The Sun" after all the events of the last few days.
Oil on Linen, 20" X 24" sold

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