Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"Whitney Canyon Trail" ©

This scene in Whitney Canyon, is just before you come to the water falls. One of the newer protected spaces of the Santa Clarita Valley it's a great place to hike. I photographed this painting while painting a few times so you can see the progress.

At this stage the entire canvas has paint on it. As I paint each element I will adjust the value and color, to support the idea of the piece and be assured of variety.

Large masses of color notes begin to create a road map of how the painting will proceed.

Beginning to find the composition, I roughly marked the canvas as to where the big elements would be placed.

Oil on Canvas, 20" X 24"


Springs Gallery said...

This is a lovely painting, Laura. And thanks so much for the "demo;" it's very helpful.

Marian Fortunati said...

Loved the painting, Laura... ESPECIALLY when I realized that the way you read the progress is the opposite of how it was done. I really liked the top one and when I went down to what I thought was the "next" step, it was less impressive.... LOL

I can see why you wanted to post the finished one on top, though....


Laura Wambsgans said...

Glad you liked the demo. Last time I posted one, some people thought the unfinished paintings were finished, just not very good. So I thought I should start with the finished one to avoid confusion. The comments are good about the progress so I'll do that more often. I love to share.

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