Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Newcomb Ranch" ©

About 20 plein air painters gathered at Newcomb Ranch today to paint. The Angeles Crest Highway from La Canada to Palmdale is open once again. The road is perfect with many turn outs that painters can use for unusual vistas of the San Gabriels from inside the range. We painted all morning, ate lunch in the cafe and shared our paintings with one another.

Helpful hint to artists: Taking a horrible cheap panel I primed it with Gamblin Ground to see if the panel would work better. Absolutely!



Marian Fortunati said...

What is Gamblin Ground???
Is it acrylic???? a gesso (which I think is acrylic isn't it????

Great painting, Laura... Looks like you had a nice trip!

Laura Wambsgans said...

Gamblin Ground, replaces gesso. And you can put a coat on an already primed surface. The inexpensive panels are super slick and sometimes the oil paint doesn't fill all the little holes the weave of the canvas create, making tiny white dots all over the panel. Especially painting plein air you don't notice the dots till you get the painting back in the studio. The gound made a very nice surface and filled all the tiny holes, so I could just paint freely. Frankly, I will stick to the Source Tek, linen panels. They practically paint themselves and you don't have ANY issues. They are fabulous!

dyane said...

I watched the Gamblin video on using their ground but not clear why it works better than gesso to fill the holes. I will, however, switch to a small nap roller. I've been making my own panels on wood (not worry about holes) but the sponge brush leaves stroke marks that I can't sand out.
I'm sorry I missed the Newcomb ranch paint-out and love your calming painting.

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