Friday, July 06, 2012

"Rocky Riverbed" ©

"Rocky Riverbed"
Oil on Canvas, 20" X 24"
I started this painting a while ago and pulled it out today to see if I could pull it together well enough to frame it.  Scott Christensen told me, to know if a painting is done, just ask yourself if you would hang it on your own wall.  It's a nice high bar to consider and usually the answer is no.  

This image shows the painting before I tweaked it.  The original painting was a 12" X 12" plein air that sold so I didn't have the reference.  Note to self, don't sell the plein air pieces until I am sure I am done with them.  What I wanted to solve is the leaves on the Sycamore, strong diagonal of the brush in shade in the lower right corner, river rocks, tree trunk and brush on the other side of the riverbank. OK, I can see by writing this, I painted the whole piece over again.  

Here is the finished painting on the easel, so you can compare the before and after easily.  

"Rocky Riverbed"
20" X 24", Oil on Canvas

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