Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Rocky Canyon" ©

What captured my attention with this view was the idea of a pool of water, too small to make it over the cliff down the falls.  At first I thought it would be great fun to paint the rocks but without being able to paint alla prima as usual, it's much more difficult to keep my place.  I should explain a bit, we are under construction and my easel is about 20 feet from the main work.  The otters I wrote about previously were much less of a distraction.  Too bad they can't lay tile.  

Oil on canvas,  18" X 24"


Marian Fortunati said...

Wow... you must have hiked up a long way to find a wonderful view like that!
And what an unusual perspective... Terrific!
My favorite parts aside from your daring composition... the delicate tree on the left over the beautiful farground colors.

Anonymous said...

Amazing work:)

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