Monday, February 10, 2014

"End of the Road" ©

This is another painting that Matt Smith critiqued for me.  His suggestion was to simplify the tree mass in the background and add some interesting color here and there in the foreground.  He also commented that the sky I had painted was the right value and that many artists paint their skies too dark.  Of course I took his advice and here is the finished painting.  

Oil on panel, 11" X 14"


JudySali said...

Prefect value and chroma shift! Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

JudySali said...

I just read "goal is to reach 1,000 paintings posted by the end of this year." 2013 update: The original goal was met and exceeded." Oh my goodness, I need to focus and get on with it! Thanks for the inspriation, for-sure!

Marian Fortunati said...

Just what Judy said....
I loved listening to Matt's words about this beautiful painting.

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