Friday, November 28, 2014

"Forest Path" © #pinetrees #landscapeoil #laurawambsgans

Years ago an artist friend that lived nearby told me the most difficult landscape painting to create is an all green scene.  Since hearing that I have sought ways to work a green piece successfully.  Scott Christensen told me the most valuable piece to the puzzle.  His advice was that a green painting cannot survive without red.  In this scene he might have suggested to have one pine tree on deaths door, in shades of red, just before the tree shifts to gray.  I chose to add reds in the path.  Still painting left handed until my right is healed up from surgery, it's all I can do to separate the trees and give the scene a sense of depth.  Later on I may address the painting further, but I need the other hand.  

oil on linen,  20" X 16"

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