Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Sycamores" ©

This group of Sycamore live in the Placerita Canyon Nature Center, just down the road from my home.  The California drought has been rough on all the plant life and this years rains have brought promise for wildflowers and some beautiful landscapes that have been absent for a long time.  

From the creating side of this piece, it's so difficult for me to decide "it's done".  I keep attacking the trees, pushing light here and there, adding limbs and tweaking here and there.  I stopped at this point and will let it rest for a few days, out of my sight and look at it anew.  Usually, only then is it really easy to see, what needs to be addressed to make it a good painting or possibly, decide it's truly finished.  

18" X 24", Oil

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