Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Brilliant Bush" ©

I am in the creek again, looking east, the last of daylight hitting my right shoulder. When you are very quite for a while the small creatures that inhabit the brush start going about their business. Someday, I would like to paint the light penetrating a wild rabbits ear. They actually glow a beautiful peach color.

Oil on Canvas, 9" X 12" sold


K. said...

Much up with the paintings! They are so neat: how long does it take you to do one? You say a day, but how many hours?

Laura Wambsgans said...

Hi K, I drag the time out as long as possible because I am enjoying watching the piece evolve, enjoying the paint, enjoying what a brush can do...I do each piece in a day. Although I do fine tune some paintings when viewed in the light of a new day. This is not a precise answer to your question, just the truth. Thanks for asking, Laura

Pilan said...

well, however you complete these, they are beautiful.

I posted on Safe Haven. Wonderful work.

Carolyn said...


God has given you a great gift and you are using it well...


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