Monday, October 22, 2007

"San Francisquito Canyon" ©

Yesterday a strange voice sounded over a bull horn. It was muffled and I ran out the front door, seeing the police cruiser, I knew it was about the fire down the canyon. I have never seen a poker faced police officer, no panic, no clues as to the danger, just his instruction "mandatory evacuation". Ok what do you take? I am usually organized, but faced with no time, making instant decisions was truly tough. My husband and I went into survival mode instantly. We make a tremendous team and each did what we were good at. 10 minutes later we were ready to roll and there was a knock at the door. Another officer just said, "go now", if you don't we can't save you if the situation gets deadly. A few hours later, we were allowed home and left our belongings in the car, just in case.

Today another fire rages on the north side of the valley in San Francisquito Canyon. I have painted the riverbed that snakes through the canyon for the past four years. Listening to the news in my studio, helplessly I painted the hills that hug the west side of the canyon as I remember them and hope that the fire fighters are safe and win!


Karen Winters said...

Oh my goodness Laura - I had no idea it was so close to you. I'm hoping that the winds die down quickly so that safety and peace of mind will return soon. It is so sad to think what the fires have done to the beautiful countryside that you capture so well.

Cheryl A. Pass said...

Hi Laura,
I've been thinking of you since the news hit yesterday...and thinking of your beautiful landscape scenes (the land and hoping not the paintings) all charred up from the fires. I'm very glad to read you are O.K and very sorry for such a disaster hitting out there.
P.S. Love the horse and rider one, too.

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