Monday, May 19, 2008

46th Annual Sierra Madre Art Fair

Last weekend is a blur of meeting old friends and discovering new ones, surrounded by a hundred booths of fine art. I shared a booth with my Mom, Carolyn Gravatte. She really is the "Sierra Madre" painter, as she paints local scenes capturing the personality of the village. This show is a pleasure to participate in because it's so well organized and everyone is there to enjoy the art, food and music. The boy scouts guard the art Friday and Saturday night so the artists can leave their set up and sleep well knowing that all will be well in the morning. Each day I set up my easel to paint but never had the time to paint. We had a terrific show and I would like to thank each and every visitor for coming by despite the 100 plus temps. See you all next year....


Christine Klinger said...

Hi Laura,
Remember me? Your work is lovely and it looks like this was a good show for you! I'm actually painting some now too, and I just got accepted into an art show with paintings (gulp!). Now I have to figure out a tasteful but affordable way to display. Any suggestions are appreciated. I really like your work!
Christine Klinger
Yellow Springs, Ohio (formerly of SLO)

Laura Wambsgans said...

Hi Christine,
Welcome to the painting pool! It's a lot less physical work then sculpting. I checked out your website and work and am not surprised that you are off and running.

As far as an inexpensive set up. If you aren't going to do many shows, maybe borrow/rent panels or grid from an artist friend. Some art organizations purchase panels for members to borrow. Next, try Craigs list for graphics display units for sale or another artist updating and selling their old set up. The grids look best if covered with a neutral colored fabric (bag), this allows the art to be the focal point rather then the wire squares. I use Propanels from Texas. They are worth every penny. Easy to set up/carry and don't show wear. If you start with a few and add as you sell work the expense is not a burden. You might check out and look over what suggestions are posted. That website has always answered any question I have had. Hope that helps. Thanks for looking at my blog and wishing you great success at your show. Laura

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