Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Canyon Glow" ©

Finally a painting that has the "feel" that I have been searching for with every attempt painting Eaton Canyon lately. It was almost sunset, I had parked in the dirt lot next to the holding arena for horses. Hiking into the canyon from that point I was able to see views that I hadn't experienced before. A small rabbit froze on the trail, I wondered if he were desensitized to humans or wondering where my other two legs were. The last of the sunlight was picking it's way through the rocks as I strove to do the same. I felt alive with the visual delight enveloping my eyes no matter which way my head swiveled. If you look back though the blogs I have made several tries at putting the visual and sensory input of that hike onto canvas, without much success. "Canyon Glow" has issues, they all do, but this one is the closest at capturing that spring day. A good piece to hang my "Gone Painting" shingle on, as I am headed to Big Sur on the California coast till Monday. Of course the painting gear will be stuffed into the car first before the tent. My goal is for a decent Big Sur painting to post on Monday, along with family fun.

Oil on Linen, 16" X 20"

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