Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Dana Fork Creek" ©

The high sierra region of Yosemite has an edge of danger and mystery woven into it. The weather can flip in minutes, hikers are subject to high altitude sickness, bears are too familiar with people food and hunt for unattended coolers and yet the beauty that beckons from around the next bend is seductive enough to outweigh any of these dangers. This little painting was done at the end of the day, in a closed composition (no sky), to capture the feeling of the granite rocks warming in the sun against the ice cold creek water. The rivers and creeks almost always had a lovely rust color glowing in the sunlight seemingly due to the algae growth on the granite stone underwater. This element of color sets off the stone and trees surrounding the water and provides the complimentary color to the sky that reflects in the dancing light. I would like to take this study and paint a nice large piece of the "Dana Fork Creek".
8" X 10", oil on linen panel

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