Monday, December 07, 2009

"Last Leaves" ©

Last Friday afternoon a small group of us painted in the oil field next to my house. Finally today I unpacked my kit and pulled out my attempt at capturing the last leaves on a large sycamore tree.
The weekend was full of art events from a Kevin Macpherson talk on his new TV show, "Passport and Palette", to the opening of "The Beauty Of California Painters" show at Carter Sexton, to "The Red Ribbon" opening at Segil Gallery and finally the opening of "Precious Gifts" at the Pasadena City Women's Club.
Oil on panel, 9" X 12"

1 comment:

Ruth Housley said...

Hi Laura,
This is beautiful and I love the color of the leaves on the tree.
Have a nice day.
Ruth Housley

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