Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Rolling In" © studio

"Rolling In" on the easel, shows a good example of taking a small oil "sketch" and creating a large painting from the idea captured in the sketch.

Oil on Canvas, 30" X 40"

My small painting is on the little easel to the right of the larger canvas. I knew I wanted the same proportions for the canvas but didn't have a fresh canvas on hand in that size, so I pulled an old canvas with an idea for a commission (long since finished and delivered) turned the painting upside down to lessen the confusion of waves vs. ducks and starting laying out the seascape.

At this stage the ducks are completely covered and I have laid in the general shapes and color patches, here and there. This is the fun part for me, feeling my way around the painting, making decisions and adjustments.

Here is a close up of the palette. I know it looks like a mess and I am constantly scraping down the glass starting over with a big clean space. The palette is custom. Sounds fancy but in honesty a quick inexpensive solution to needing more palette space. My husband cut a piece of wood and I had the fellow at Newhall Glass Co. cut a piece of glass to fit. I painted the back of glass gray and with not too much trouble I had a terrific palette. I have to give a little shout out for the Gamblin Radiants on the lower right side. Love them!

Oil on Canvas, 30" X 40"


Marian Fortunati said...

What a fascinating post!!

I love seeing how you work AND best of all ... your finished products. This is just a gorgeous painting!!!

PS.. Congrats on your most recent sale!!

Laura Wambsgans said...

thanks Marian, I am glad that you enjoyed the post. I have had some great emailed questions about the process. And congrats on your sales too and wishing you success in your new show "Red" at the Pasadena Women's City Club.

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