Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cleaning out the studio...

Just before leaving on a 2 week adventure from Ely Nevada to Canyon de Chelly Arizona, I decided to figure out what canvases warrant studio space and which canvases need to be "recycled".  I have talked to many artist buddies about how to not get buried in paintings that you really aren't comfortable showing or selling.  Artist Kathryn Stats suggested using her favorite tool, the palm sander to to sand off the brush stokes of old paintings.  This works well for me, since part of my painting process includes having the brush work follow for form of whatever I am painting, whether I am painting a mountain range or tree.  

Here is the collection of canvases that I found that could be sanded and used again.  Most are older or experiments that I learned from but would never show to another person.  

Out on the patio I have a table set up, ready for sanding cavases.

All the brush work is gone off of this panel, yet you can see a "ghost" image of the original painting.  

Next step is using a foam brush from Home Depot I use to spread and cover the panel in Gamblin ground.  

This is the can of Gamblin ground.  Painting on this ground is lovely, very simular to an oil primed canvas.

Here are 5 supports (canvas and panels), drying and almost ready to be new paintings.  I am home now and will start posting the paintings of my adventures.  

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