Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Cottonwoods in Shades of Green" ©

Often I see a spot and know it's a painting but the timing is off.  Either I am driving somewhere with a timing issue or working on a show or I am just not up to painting the piece technically.  A while ago another artist Janet Anderson and I spotted this idyllic scene as we were driving from Jackson Hole back to Scott Christensen's studio in Victor, Idaho.  Both of us wanted to stop and paint but time was banging it's drum loudly and we couldn't spend the time.  My delay in trying the painting was technical, I could see the painting in my mind but couldn't make the connection to my hands.  Without the pressure of a show in the wings I decided to give it a go and feel pretty good about the painting.  Since this photo I have changed quite a bit but you can get an idea of the serene scene of the Cottonwoods on a gray day.  

Oil on Canvas, 20" X 24"

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