Saturday, May 26, 2007

"First Tee, Catalina" ©

One hour aboard the Catalina Express and you are on the "Enchanted Island" of Catalina. Last week the "Thursday Morning Irregulars" met in Avalon to paint together. During the weekdays the tiny town quietly wakes up under the morning marine layer. Shop keepers sweep up, benches are hosed off, getting ready for a new day. By 9:30, the sun gently grazes the mountain tops, robins egg blue, patches appear in the sky overhead. No, the horrible fire isn't apparent in downtown Avalon, yet it's the talk of the town. Signs on homes thanking the fire fighters still hang brightly. Romance smitten couples, young and old waltz down the boardwalk that hugs the bay. While painting you hear easy laughter, the clanking of the metal clips on sailboat masts and the ocean lapping onto land. Honestly, it felt as if I had traveled thousands of miles to a relaxing little village, where time slows way down and life is simply beautiful.

Oil on Panel, 9" X 12"

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