Monday, May 07, 2007

"Last Light IV" Painting Process

This canvas is 24" X 36", a bit bigger then the usual daily paintings. I was able to paint with a huge brush, 1 1/2" wide Broad, and it was very exciting. This is a view that I pass everyday I leave my home, that must be why I keep painting it. This is the 4th version of "Last Light". So to begin with I just used thin washes to cover the entire canvas.

At this point I have paint everywhere! Little color notes dancing all over the piece. I am looking at large shapes, a bit of rhythm that will play with the painting is finished.

Now, I will begin with the sky, since I have to push the edges of the trees into it for the back lit effect. From the sky I worked right into the distant brush and trees, moving forward. Then I skipped over the middle section and painted the foreground. This set the values and gave me the range of color that will tie the painting together. I haven't touched the large trees on either side of the canvas.

It's difficult to photograph on my easel late in the day. I am working on the middle ground and decided on shapes within the brush.

I took the painting outside to photograph it just before dark. I have just started moving into the large trees. At this point I feel very good about leaving the painting till the morning. I know where each element is located, I know the values and shapes and I can dream about the painting and make decisions that will help me in the morning. Tomorrow I will "paint", carefully with smaller brushes pulling together the whole painting. I can hardly wait....

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Christine Klinger said...

Hi Laura!
I didn't know you painted! I learned of your blog from Fayrene. These are lovely, and I like to see/read your process. I am just starting to paint a bit myself, so this is very enlightening and entertaining. Thanks!
Christine Klinger
Yellow Springs, Ohio

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