Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Sunlit Pampas Grass" ©

Those of you that know my work will think that you have seen this painting. I painted this piece today on a much larger canvas then my previous Pampas Grass (9" X 12"). The first painting was juried into the California Art Club, "Wild Things" exhibit for the next 6 months. The thought of giving the painting up was awful, so I came up with the idea of painting it again, better and bigger! I changed the composition and the direction your eye flows over the canvas in this painting. Probably because I just gave "birth", but it's my favorite now.

Oil on Canvas, 16" X 20"

on reserve for June shows

(Don't worry Janet, I have you covered)


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Very nice - I love the way the light stikes the blooms.

Cheryl A. Pass said...

Hi Laura...
I kept mine, too. Actually it did hang in the show for a month. I put a high price on it and ended up bringing it home...and for the moment, I am glad to have it. I like your first one the best..but they are just different....such a great idea to do another version for your show!!
I work on so many smaller paintings that I forget to even think about the bigger formats. Good for you...and thanks to remind me to think big once in a while.

Laura Wambsgans said...

Thanks Cheryl and Cara, very much for looking and commenting. I agree the first Pampas is more lush, especially after looking at this new one for a couple of days. It's still wet, so I am going to go back in and push the values a bit more so that the bush has more volume (3D effect). Also I think if I back off the warmth in the sticks, then the warmth in the tops will stand stronger. At least I hope so. Thanks again, Off to paint!

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