Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Hansen Dam Winter, V"

This scene is so typical of California right now, barren hills reaching out to the water below. Exploring the Hansen Dam area in paintings has been a nice break each day from a large (60" X 48") commission that I am working on. I am at the point of designing, which for me, takes the most time. This stage of developing a painting is so important, if the design/composition is poor it doesn't matter how beautifully the piece is painted it will still be poor. The investment of time is well worth it. Shifting back and forth from small 5" X 7" paintings to the large canvas allows for some fun.

Oil on Panel, 5" X 7"


Petra Fried in the City said...

Wow Laura, these are absoultely gorgeous!

I'm glad to see that inspiration can happen from something with as many problems as Hansen Dam Recreation Area has. I guess that living nearby all these years and fighting the lewd conduct, alcohol, fires, illegal use of firearms, and the abuse of the restricted natural wildlife areas all with a total lack of enforcement has made me very jaded. The area IS beautiful.

Laura Wambsgans said...

The beauty of the light dancing in the leaves pulled me past what I should have avoided out of personal safety. I knew at the time it was risky and I didn't belong there. So I stood straight, walked fast and strong daring anyone to mess with me and it worked. Once back in my car I did let out a big sigh of relief and I got the painting! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of So California. Thanks for looking! Laura

Barefoot Ted said...

Boy and girls, Hansen Dam is NOT a dangerous place...far from it...especially if you enter from the Shadow Hills side.

It is a very big area. I am in it nearly everyday.

Laura, your work is very impressive and I am glad you picked it for your art. Keep up the great work.

Barefoot Ted

Petra Fried in the City said...

I didn't say explicitly it was dangerous, Ted. I simply outlined a number of the continual problems out there that even you deal with on your blogs from time to time - the huge amoung of garbage you pick up out there, etc.

But since we're discussing, note that a serial rapist was caught out there this summer after assaulting one woman and being fought off by another. I guess it's up to each of us to decide what is exactly "dangerous" and take whatever measures we feel we need to do.

I personally think that Laura's paintings are beautiful and need to be highlighted somewhere in the area... like maybe the Lake View Terrace library, which is in the rec area for those that might not know. Is this something you migt be interested in, Laura?

Laura Wambsgans said...

Love of the area is the common thread. It seems no matter where you are it's important to be aware and smart. I admire Ted's athletic adventures, family and inspiration very much. You have the advantage of being very familiar with the area. Petra Fried I like your idea of showing the paintings. I would love to paint the seasons for a year and put together an exhibit for the library of those works. Adding a few larger pieces. Great idea!

Bottom line, it's a gorgeous, living, lovely place that feels as though you have left life behind for a moment.

Petra Fried in the City said...

Okay, let me see if I can get the ball rolling with LVT Library. Let me do some preliminary investigation on the process. Meanwhile, keep painting! :-)

Barefoot Ted said...

Keep painting!

Laura, you are doing an important thing. This landscape deserves the attention of a fine artist like you.

There are some landscapes that I would love you to paint, scenes that to me are holy.

And indeed you need to be showing this work...somewhere. It is beautiful.


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