Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Pine Creek Road"

5 painting marathon today, ending at Spoons Bistro for a well deserved Cobb salad and bottle of wine with co-marathon painter Janet. I have moved up from multi-legged creatures to a 4 legged orange tabby without a tail that takes care of the local brewery's rodents. She adopted my travel studio, aka the trunk of the Honda to hang out while I painted.

Oil on panel, 9" X 12"


Karen Winters said...

Enjoying your paintings and your narrative of the workshop. Hope you're having a fabulous time. Love the kitty in the trunk shot, too!

ernie dollman said...

love the kitty, oh yes love the painting also. Take care ern

Marian Fortunati said...

EGAD!!! I thought that was a bobcat!!!

The painting is fabulous. WOW I can't imagine painting 5 in one day. I'm always impressed by you, but this is beyond!!!

PS... I didn't see it but someone told me that they saw a red dot by one of your paintings last night at the gallery talk. Not surprising, of course.


Laura Wambsgans said...

Awesome Marian, that will help pay for this adventure! All of you would love painting this valley. I wish I could transport you up. Ernie the old barns are endless, right up your "easel". Karen I can only imagine what you would paint with this inspriation. And Marian, you would be painting day and night, here.

Sharon Weaver said...

Love this one. Sounds like you had a great trip and it was very productive. Can't wait to heat all about it.

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