Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Though the Trees" ©

Today a discussion came up with a group of artists about critiquing our own paintings and taking the time to make the very best decisions. The paintings I blog are very rarely never touched again and I thought it might be interesting for people to see what happens in the studio after reflecting. Here is "Though the Trees" finished. Below is the original posting. This is like a game, what did she change? I'll tell you, I took out the tree that I so loved in the middle of the painting. Usually the one thing you love is the item that is of most concern. I gradated the sky, added light in the foliage of the trees, warmed up the trunk of the main tree, brought the path down out of the canvas, lit and warmed up the brush in the foreground, carried the brush to the edge of the hill and lit the tips, pushed the distant trees in the hills further back and warmed up the distant hills a bit. OH, and pushed a bit of the darks back in here and there.

Now I have a painting that I would hang on my wall.

Oil on Canvas, 16" X 20"


Marian Fortunati said...

As I've often said... Someday, Laura, I'd like to be able to look at my work and see what needs to be changed like you just did.

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Very beautiful! Fantastic atmosphere!

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