Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Golden Hour" ©

Yesterday Pete Cole, President of Gamblin Artists Colors, gave a talk on Gamblin oil paints and Mediums at Carter Sexton Art Supplies, in North Hollywood. If you ever get the chance to hear Pete talk, GO. He made sure everyone was comfortable and could see and hear each other. Every question was answered clearly and fully. One of the sample's Pete handed out was a tube of Indian Yellow. I don't usually have Indian Yellow on my palette but you know the lure of a sample, as soon as I got home I squeezed out a bunch. It was perfect timing, because in looking at the inventory of paintings I have ready for my show next month I didn't have enough small warm paintings. I painted my street late in the day when all the wild brush turns gold. Indian Yellow is all over that painting. The tinting strength of the Gamblin Indian Yellow is what really surprised me. I can see many uses for the paint, from under paintings to glazes. Thanks Pete!

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