Saturday, February 04, 2012

"Sun Dusted Creek" ©

"Sun Dusted Creek", is another example of using a smaller painting to create a larger studio painting. The little one is 14" X 18", the larger canvas is 24" X 36". Not exactly the same proportions but close enough.

Just starting out on the painting I scrubbed in a warm yellow wash over the entire canvas, lifting off the area that would become the sky with a bit of Gamsol on a white sheet. The white sheet is a tip, in that it doesn't leave any lint on your canvas. You can see my small painting that I am using for the inspiration to the left of the easel.

Mid-way into the painting. I am finding the areas of light and shadow. Painting color on every section of the canvas.

At this point the piece is well on it's way to completion. I'll find little touches and brushwork to add over the next several days. It is difficult to see all the areas that need attention without a break away from the piece. Tomorrow morning I'll walk up the my easel and see all sorts of details that need work wondering why I couldn't see them. Happens every time!

Oil on Canvas, 24" X 36"


Scott Ruthven said...

Beautiful Laura. And thanks for the sheet tip!

Laura Wambsgans said...

Thanks Scott. Glad you liked the white sheet tip. I use a piece to clean off paintings before varnishing and to scrub in the varnish when the paint repels it a bit. It's a good used for the old sheets.

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