Friday, May 10, 2013

"Central Coast Eucalyptus Trees" ©

Next week is the 20th Annual Art Festival and I was lucky to be included in the roster of artists.  I have been thinking about painting in the Carmel - Monterey Bay- Big Sur area, the different views depending on the weather and adapting to the light that is unique to the area, while painting this little scene that is near Cambria, CA.   For artists I would love to share a book I have been reading, "Traditional Oil Painting", by Virgil Elliott.  If you can only find time to read the introduction, it's worth it.  Elliot writes about all of the truths I have come to learn about the process of painting in such an inspirational way I wish I could copy the pages and send them to every artists I know.  This is a reference book for the bookcase that I will pick up many, many times.  

Oil on Canvas,  14" X 18"

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