Monday, June 02, 2008

"Eaton Afternoon" ©

This past weekend was packed with demonstrating, showing and talking about art in Sierra Madre. It was the 2nd annual Artist's Studio Tour. Since my Mom is a Sierra Madre local she allowed me to play along. Saturday night the artists traveled on a shuttle bus for a speedy preview of the studios, dinner, dancing, laughing and connecting. Sunday morning balloons and signs marked our studio and guests hiked up the hill to "Cedarhawke" (Mom and Dad's home) to see what her studio looked like. I was down three flights greeting folks, painting and explaining to those interested how I paint before they ascended the stairs to her tree top studio.

This evening at Gale's Restaurant in Pasadena a small band of Santa Clarita artists joined in donating original artwork to benefit the Pasadena Aids Service Center. As usual Gale was serving delicious bites, free flowing wine and dessert cups. When we left red dots, signaling sold where sprinkled on every wall.

Today just for fun I painted "Eaton Afternoon", not that the weekend wasn't full of fun but painting alone in the quiet is a pleasure all it's own.

Oil on Canvas, 6" X 8"

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