Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Sand Dancer" ©

One day last week in San Clemente I was sitting on the beach with my small Guerrilla Box easel on my lap, ready to paint little studies of people enjoying the sun and sand. This was one of the many luxuries of the week, being able to just paint without any regard about time. I learned a very neat trick. The sand makes a great brush holder. As you are painting you can stick your brush handle down into the sand, while using another brush or squeezing out more paint. This little girl was flying on air down to the water and back up onto dry sand. Her hands were splayed out and her feet performed a ballet, then one moment she actually paused to gaze at the waves and I captured the "Sand Dancer".

Oil on Panel, 5" X 7", $100.


1 comment:

Marian Fortunati said...

Yet another painting to vie for my title of "My Favorite Wambsgans Painting". I love the way the light and shadows play across her body. Lovely.

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