Monday, September 14, 2009

"Manana Island" ©

Painting on Monhegan Island has been a long time dream and my visit was coming to an end. The ferry back to Port Clyde was leaving in 15 minutes and I had to be on it. This image is of my painting looking at Manana Island from the south end of the Monhegan village just before packing up and dashing to the ferry. Artists thrive on the quiet Island, enjoying a very slow pace. I was told that in the past mail arriving via boat was the most excitement known to the locals. I had an deep sensation of peace and separation from the world wandering the Island trails. Returning soon was on my mind as the boat cut across the sea accompanied by Porpoise back to the mainland.


Lorelle Miller said...

I read your blog about the island you visited. The quiet separation from the mainland you mentioned and I thought about Ana Cappa Island.
The sense of removal I had from everything, I guess that is what an island is... A place that is separate solitary and sometimes that is what we seek.
The sensation of ourselves in this world alone with our art, with nature, soaking it all in.

I find myself surrounded and thinking of ways to find that island during a normal day. It is a good memory to feel the breeze and the sense of a place that is off and far away, separated by
Miles of ocean, only the native animals and fish moving near by. For me Ana Cappa held this magic in its own very solitary way, like a dimple of land undiscovered, basically untouched. No rubber, no plastic. Only the
Sound of birds and ocean. Peaceful, and only the journey back to find a civilization of dolphins bubbling around our boat. Playing with us as we cut through the sea.

No matter where I am I find something beautiful to behold. When you spoke of your island, I thought of mine.


Ruth Housley said...

Hi Laura,
I love this painting you did of the island. Keep up the good work.
Ruth Housley

Marian Fortunati said...

Laura... I look forward to talking to you (and maybe painting with you) when you return.

I'm curious about how you ended up on Monhegan Island. I think that's where Frank Gardner, Jerome Green, and other east coast/west coast artists (Jeremy Lipking, Eric Merrill, etc) all painted last year... then they had a couple of big shows... one of which was called Paintapalooza.
So are you going to have a show???.. Oh you ARE I forgot you've got a BIG one coming up!! Will you use these paintings for your show???

Anyhow... Glad you're having and grand time.

Candy Barr said...

How I envy your time on the island painting! Maine is of course all great, but with the great Monhegan tradition on the shoulders of the likes of Winslow Homer, George Bellows and Robert Henri who wouldn't be excited! Hope we get to see some more of your studies.

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