Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Zion, Morning" © Zion National Park, Utah

After 6 years of blogging I have finally reached my goal of 1,000 paintings on this blog.  In this posting I am showing the process working from the small original to a larger studio painting.  Leave it to the family to spot an area that needs addressing.  My daughter suggested that I change the width of the river  as it recedes from the viewer and I agree with her.  Fortunately working in oil I have the luxury of making changes as long as needed to create a decent painting.  So I'll keep after this one.

This is the very beginning of the painting process.  On the left you can see the little study that has all the information for a larger painting.  Sometimes the larger paintings never measure up to the little guys but I am going to give it a go here. 

At this point I have paint all over the canvas and each shape is addressed in large flat color.  

Slowly I am fine tuning each area, checking values , color and design.  If the painting is lacking in any of those areas I have the option of pushing or pulling until the piece works thanks to working in oil paint. 

"Zion, Morning", 20" X 24"  Oil on Canvas  


Docent said...



1000 oil paintings blogged..your focus & drive are remarkable, & your paintings are gorgeous. You've "come a long way, BABY"!

I am so proud of you!

atvadventures said...

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