Monday, September 18, 2006

"Towels I" ©

The back of the bathroom door, it's damp terry cloth hanging, has always attracted me. The way the towels create a wonderful shape, as if a shrouded being is hanging there. Friendly I hope. I named this piece "Towels I", because I am certain that there will be many more towel, cloth or napkin pieces to come. Again, one of the benefits of Painting A Day, I can paint the towels on the back of the bathroom door, purely for the joy of it!

Oil on Canvas, 4" X 6"

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Shant said...

I am also a painter a day and found your comments very true. These everyday objects have a certain beauty all of their own and you somehow feel they are not worthy of a larger work but these small paintings actually give you the freedom to paint anything.

AndiS said...

Love the towels, I can't wait for other paintings using the same genre. I have always liked the way material engulfs itself, sometimes looking like the ocean waves, sometimes like the mountains.

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