Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Winter's Light" © Santa Clara Riverbed

Hundreds of people whiz past this view on McBean Parkway everyday.  While Christmas shopping I whizzed by, slammed on the brakes, found a nearby parking lot and walked back to the spot, stunned at the sunlight bouncing here and there in the riverbed.  I knew I had to paint it and finally have had the time after the holiday commissions and celebrations.  My wish for everyone is a wonderful holiday and the most important thing of all, good health next year and always. 

Oil on Canvas,  20" X 24"

Monday, December 17, 2012

"King Tides" © Newport Beach Back Bay

Oil on linen, 11" X 14"
Source Tek panel, Oil Primed 

King tides is not a scientific term, it describes an unusually high tide that only occurs a few times a year.  Last Saturday painting at the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center we watched the King tides  cover the bay in silver strips and bands during the morning and then give back the marshy brush completely by the late afternoon.  Painting along side me was Rich Gallego, Lorelle Miller and Bruce (sorry Bruce I didn't get your last name).  Rich is painting on the ridge and Lorelle is set up on the hill.   All you heard while painting were sea birds, jets from John Wayne airport and the feet of the many walkers/runners on the sandy trail.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Corriganville Park, Winter" © Simi Valley, CA

Every month George Malone, fellow member of the California Art Club arranges a paint out for one and all.  Today when the sprinkles puddled up on my panel I packed up my gear and figured I had enough work on the panel to stop on this one.  Corriganville Park was a gem that George had found for us.  The area reminded me a bit of Vasquez Rocks with the addition of trees, paths and elevated spots.  Even with the flat light of an incoming storm the park had views to paint in every direction.  

Oil on panel, 12" X 12"

This is the best plein air location organizer and all around nice guy, George Malone, painting under sprinkling skies.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

"Sunlit Glow" @ Santa Clara Riverbed

In between the gentle rains I found this view of the Santa Clara Riverbed from the parking lot of the Midas auto repair shop.  The leaves were freshly washed, adding to the sunlit glow of the trees.  A couple of kids asked me what I was looking at for the painting and it took a minute for the idea to crystalize in their minds.  I think they will see the riverbed in a new way from now on.  

Oil on Canvas, 14" X 18"
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