Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Ancient Canyon Walls" #CanyondeChelly #desertpainting #Navajo #Laurawambsgans

I am still painting some Canyon de Chelly scenes, for many reasons.  Learning how to paint the canyon cliffs and figuring out an easy approach to such a large scene has been very valuable.  While painting each painting it brings the experience of being down in the canyon into focus again and I am able relive each moment.  

Oil on canvas,  16X20

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Ponds Edge" and "Taking A Break", #thelakehouse #Bear #animalpainting #laurawambsgans #pondpainting

11" X 14, oil on linen
Just for fun, I painted a bear for my upcoming show at The Lake House near Lake Arrowhead.  The bear will add a nice break to all the landscape paintings, as people view the show.  

16" X 20" oil on canvas

"Ponds Edge" will also be available and I hope it speaks to the mountain residents.  Here is the show information:

5th Annual Season of the First Friday at The Lake House (notice this month it's the Last Friday)
Friday August 29th 4pm - 7pm Wine, Hors d'oeuvres, Friendship & Fine Art!
Lisa Mozzini-McDill will also be exhibiting lots of beautiful paintings.  The artwork will stay at the gallery for a month, so if you can't make the reception but happen to climb the hill stop in and see our paintings.  The Lake House is full of fine things from furniture to specialty jams, there is something for everyone to enjoy inside their doors.  

The Lake House
29866 Hook Creek Rd.
Cedar Glen
(909) 337-7676

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Crystal Cove Evening" © #crystalcovepainting #seascape #laurawambsgans

Keeping cool, painting the ocean as the sun sinks.   A big thank you to Esther Williams for the inspiration to this view.  

Oil, 16" X 20"

Saturday, August 09, 2014

"Refuge Under the Eucalyptus", #cowpainting #Eucalyptustrees #landscape #laurawambsgans

A bucolic setting of cows tucked in and around a stand of Eucalyptus trees was my goal with this little painting.  I was going for a peaceful, timeless feel to the painting, using loose references I had shot in Carmel California and one plein air painting.  

Oil on linen,  14" X 18"

Friday, August 08, 2014

"Pasadena Twinkling at Twilight", #pasadena #citylights #oilpainting #nocturne #laurawambsgans

It's been a long time since I hunted down a city light scene and just painted what I saw.  There is a museum show coming up in the Pasadena area that requires only images/sculpture of and from the San Gabriel Valley.  I wanted to paint something different then previous years and decided to look at the city from up on Angeles Crest Highway.  At the second turn out I had the perfect view and was fascinated how quickly the lights came on and the sky started to darken.  This painting is my perception of that fleeting moment at the end of the day.  

20" X 24", oil

Monday, August 04, 2014

"Canyon de Chelly, Early in the Morning" © #canyondechelly #landscapepainting #laurawambsgans

This spot is one of the south rim overlooks at Canyon de Chelly.  I painted there with the PAC6 painters, setting up in the dark and watching the dawn light hit the canyon walls, announcing a new day.  

Oil on canvas, 16" X 20"
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