Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Aspen Path" © #aspen #path #landscape #oilpainting

This painting of a small roadway or path cutting though the aspen trees is my last left handed painting.  The cast is off my right hand and I have been given permission to start using my hand for light duty in short amounts of time.  I have learned some unexpected lessons painting one handed.  First and  most surprising was how everything I painted leaned left.  Second, being forced to pick up the palette knife mix the paint, set the knife down, pick up the brush, paint the stroke and so on, slowed the process down to such a snails pace that I spent more time then usual making decisions.  It seems to be an improvement and will try to keep a slower pace as a rule now.  I do miss painting outside very much and can't wait until I get the go ahead to hit the hills.  

Oil on Linen,  18" X 24"
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