Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Sunset at Deception Pass" ©

Last September drifting along the shores of Whidbey Island I found people sitting and watching this sunset at Deception Pass park.  I joined in and with not enough time to capture it in paint took a few photos with the idea to paint the view one day.  Since our home is "in construction", actually destruction came first, now we are in the remolding stage and it's coming along, painting views that have haunted me is the perfect escape.  

Oil on linen,  14" X 11"

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Telegraph Road Ranch" ©

Until the proposed housing development reaches the Ventura Country line this little ranch is safe, just as it has been for the last 80 years.  

Oil on Canvas,  11" X 14"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Rocky Canyon" ©

What captured my attention with this view was the idea of a pool of water, too small to make it over the cliff down the falls.  At first I thought it would be great fun to paint the rocks but without being able to paint alla prima as usual, it's much more difficult to keep my place.  I should explain a bit, we are under construction and my easel is about 20 feet from the main work.  The otters I wrote about previously were much less of a distraction.  Too bad they can't lay tile.  

Oil on canvas,  18" X 24"

Friday, June 07, 2013

"Kelp and Cliffs, Whalers Cove" ©

I never knew how LOUD otters could be until I painted this painting.  Three otters were floating, slithering over and around each other and eating for the couple of hours I spent painting this one.  Floating and slithering they were pretty quiet, eating on the other hand is a very noisy activity.  One little guy was slapping his catch on another object with relentless patience.   While another little guy was eating what looked like kelp but sounded like raw carrots, for hours.  You can't help but watch their antics and smile.  They moved with such grace and ease though the water no wonder everyone enjoyed the otter show at Whalers Cove.

Oil on Linen, plein air, 9" X 12"

Monday, June 03, 2013

"Sand Shadows" ©

As painters we get pretty comfortable painting what is around us, for me that would be oak trees, dry riverbeds, dusty trails and sycamores.  Sand dunes are not something I have the chance to paint regularly and they are a challenge.  I will take this little "idea" of a painting for a larger piece and move the ice plant decorated dunes so that I can really make the sunlit sand sing.   My family makes fun of me moving trees, mountains and rivers and I have to remind them that my job is to create a peaceful painting, editing nature just a bit.

Oil on canvas,  11" X 14"
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