Thursday, May 30, 2013

"San Antonio Pump House" © Brackenridge Park

Last month while I was hunting painting spots in San Antonio I ran across this pump house in Brackenridge Park.  It was built in 1878, which explained the collapsing roof, in response to a decade of folks suffering from Typhoid fever and Malaria.  The Pump House supplied San Antonio with the first clean running water and reliable source for fire fighting.  It's the second oldest industrial building standing in the city, now abandoned and overgrown with vines.    

Oil on linen,  8" X 10"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Harbor Night" ©

A while back I traveled to the northern coast of Maine to paint the pink granite cliffs and emerald ocean.  While there I photographed this image, with the idea that someday it might make a painting.  Just for fun today I gave it a whirl and had a good time while the wind is howling outside.

Oil on Linen,  8" X 10" 

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Honey Trail" ©

Just around the bend are piles of white bee boxes, filled with busy bees.  Santa Clarita, my town, has just opened this area as a new open space for everyone to hike.  I have been painting here for years, under the radar so to speak.  Fortunately no one has ever shooed me out, unlike the Newhall Land and Farm property on the 126.  Oh, yes, caught by helicopter painting on the side of the road with Lorelle Miller.  The guy wouldn't even let us finish our paintings.

Oil on Canvas,  18" X 14"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Evening Glow" © Garland Park, Carmel Valley

Garland Park is the perfect place to paint near Carmel when the coastal fog is thick as cotton.  The park is only 8 miles from the ocean, covered in trails, dotted with ancient trees and clear skies.  The Carmel River flows year round along the edge of the park, headed to the ocean.  I talked to a ranger about the safety of painting alone and he told me it was perfectly safe in the park.  You wouldn't think that painting alone could be a problem but I have had a few of close calls, one mountain lion, the others human.  When I am involved painting a space ship could land next to me and I wouldn't notice.  Well, maybe but you get the idea. 

Oil on Linen,  16" X 20"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Carmel Beach" © 20th Annual Carmel Art Festival

At the Carmel Art Festival the artists have their canvases stamped on Wednesday night and are allowed to paint until Friday late afternoon.  Then we deliver our two favorite pieces for judging and auction.  This painting was one of my choices for the Friday delivery and it sold.  During the two days of painting I would run into other artists, hiking around, picnicking and painting their hearts out.  Here is a photo of a fellow painter  on the opposite cliff from me.  I have no idea who it is but the umbrella and easel are a dead give away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Carmel Sands" ©

The last week painting in Monterey County, specifically Carmel for the art festival we had rain, sun, wind and fog.  This painting was done on the main beach, just a bit up from the ocean in the white sand dunes.  Unknowingly I had set up to paint within the space of a beach volley ball court, at the time there wasn't another soul around.  Slowly as the minutes ticked by nets were erected,  balls bounced past my easel and I became increasing aware of being in the wrong spot for a painting.  Finally, when I was at this point of the process,  a very nice guy asked me when my painting would be done.   OK, I got the hint and packed up.  I promise to post more on the festival tomorrow.  

Oil on linen,  14" X 11"

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Morning Haze" ©

Tomorrow I hit the road for Carmel to paint in the 20th Annual Art Festival.  I have a car full of frames,  two easels (one for back up), a case of water, tons of paint, panels and brushes.  The event is one, where your canvases are stamped at the start, you paint for a period of time and hang your two best paintings for bidding and sales.  We are allowed to paint the surrounding area from Big Sur to Monterey and more.  Calvin Liang will be the juror of awards and the paintings will be available for sale online and live Saturday and Sunday.  The artists are allowed to replace the sold paintings with new pieces that were painted during the week.  It's pretty exciting and they give you a cool hat.  

 This painting was painted last year after the event.  The scene is looking across Highway 1 from Monastery Beach very early in the morning.  On Monday I will post new paintings from the week.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

"Central Coast Eucalyptus Trees" ©

Next week is the 20th Annual Art Festival and I was lucky to be included in the roster of artists.  I have been thinking about painting in the Carmel - Monterey Bay- Big Sur area, the different views depending on the weather and adapting to the light that is unique to the area, while painting this little scene that is near Cambria, CA.   For artists I would love to share a book I have been reading, "Traditional Oil Painting", by Virgil Elliott.  If you can only find time to read the introduction, it's worth it.  Elliot writes about all of the truths I have come to learn about the process of painting in such an inspirational way I wish I could copy the pages and send them to every artists I know.  This is a reference book for the bookcase that I will pick up many, many times.  

Oil on Canvas,  14" X 18"

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

"Sierra Madre Art Fair"

This was suppose to be my demo piece during the Sierra Madre Art Fair.  All the artists were so busy chatting up people and sharing their art that demonstrations were tough to get done.  Most of the time my gear was under a palm tree waiting for me.  It was a very good show, as usual with the rain waiting until we were all packed up.  

Oil on Linen,  11" X 14"

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

"Sunny Garden Path" ©

Arlington Gardens in South Pasadena is a tiny plot of patchwork gardens of great variety.  I painted along the sunny path lined with a few lupin, red poppies and young sycamore trees.  Many garden vistors stopped by my easel to tell me their story and how they came to visit the garden.  Some were first time visitors but most glowed as they talked about their personal love affair with this special spot.  A couple of days ago I went back to deliver a painting that had sold during the weekend art show and in just that short time the garden looked very different.  New splashes of color had popped and other plants hanging their heads were turning gray.  

Oil on Panel,  11" X 14:

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