Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Wild Surf" ©

Today I had the pleasure of watching Ruo Li painting a seascape at the Keystone art center.  He talked a lot about the process of painting and what he felt was important for artists today.  Interestingly he suggested that every artist should know how to use photoshop and be able to manipulate images to paint.  I came home from the day inspired and even though the paintings and show stuff from last weekends show in Thousand Oaks is still not put away completely, I painted.

Oil on canvas,  11" X 14"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"LA River, Atwater River Walk" ©

Joe Linton has written a great guide to the Los Angeles River with access points, history and maps for bike rides and walks.  This painting was painted where Sunnynook ends at the river.  Hard to believe such a peaceful spot exists just yards from the 5 freeway.  While painting I listened to the distant freeway noises, as families of ducks floated down river, fishermen passed by poles in hand and several people walking dogs and pushing strollers pounded down the trail.  If you are interested in the Los Angeles River check out the group, FoLAR, Friends of the Los Angeles River. FoLAR Website

Oil on linen,  11" X 14"

*On another note, I will be showing a booth full of paintings at the 10th Thousand Oaks Arts Festival this weekend, 10am - 5pm Sat. & Sun.,  2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd., My booth number is 39.  The event and parking are free.  Come on by and say Hi..... 

Monday, September 16, 2013

"Morning in the Canyon" ©

Elsmere Canyon was slated to become a landfill for the San Fernando Valley.  Our city council members and community activist fought long and hard to keep the canyon pristine.  They won and now the canyon is a designated open space, protected forever.  Next month I'll be showing in Pasadena at an event that celebrates the Craftsman lifestyle and this piece may find a home.  

Oil on Canvas,  20" X 30"

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Cruising" ©

It's been a while since I took the time to paint some feathers and I sure enjoyed all the hues of white.  This painting was an experiment.  I have painted several ducks over the years but never on a canvas primed in copper paint.  At first the paint did move as I was use too but once I got the surface covered it went well.  I think the copper base allowed the glow within the feathers to really have a nice affect.  

Oil on canvas,  11" X 14"

Monday, September 09, 2013

"Mailbu Canyon" ©

When I started this blog 7 years ago and I saw paintings that I thought were finished on the computer screen I would see glaring portions that I had failed to address.  Usually I had things all lined up in a neat row or the values so close that shapes were not clearly defined or a very strong angle screaming for the viewer to "look here", all very wrong for my style of painting.  After posting on the blog I would then "fix" these issues and move on to start the next painting.  

For the first time I posted this painting on Facebook before the blog and again I saw many little things that needed tweaking.  I hope this helps other artists when critiquing your own paintings.  So often we paint in the vacuum of our own studios without another set of eyes to look at a painting and a viewer to offer helpful suggestions for improvement.  Try photographing the painting and looking at it on your computer monitor in a small size.  You might be surprised at the different perspective the computer screen provides.  

Oil on Canvas,  20" X 24"

Thursday, September 05, 2013

"Quick Draw, Paint the Lakes 2013" ©

Here is my "Quick Draw" Painting from last weekend at the Paint the Lake 2013, plein air competition. During the quick draw the artists had 2 hours to complete their painting and turn it in.  I had picked this spot to paint out when I visited Lake Arrowhead with my Mom a few weeks before the actual event.  She can paint anything and loved the little boats and red roofed buildings, complete with a clock tower.  If she had painted in the event that would have been her subject which she could paint behind her back.  On the other hand, I am a landscape painter and am much more comfortable with nature.  So I chose the scene you see below.  In the early morning the light catches the little strip of sand brilliantly and that was my focus.  It worked!  The judge Helga Batman-Koplin awarded my painting First Place and Best Use of Color.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

"Lake Gregory", Paint the Lake 2013 Plein Air....

Painting on the shore of Lake Gregory the sun was shining, then clouds blew in and finally rain patted on the water.  This was my first painting and standing there I was relishing the cool mountain air while getting adjusted to the variety of surrounding greens.   Last weekend I was one of the artists painting the lakes in the area for the Mountain Arts Network event "Paint the Lake 2013".  My number was 48, so I guess there were at least 48 of us with a possibility of a few more "w, x, y & z's".  The event was so well run and organized I would recommend it.  On top of the normal stuff everyone was so friendly and the painting locations gorgeous, it just can't get much better.  

I had to pick one painting to enter for judging by Karl Dempwolf, California Art Club Signature Member.  Of the four paintings I completed, these two were my favorites and I had to pick one to submit to the gallery.  Thank goodness for email and here is why.  I was able to send the image to Cassie, my daughter and tough critique and let her pick which one to enter.  I still wasn't sure and headed to the gallery with both paintings under my arm to decide last minute and I ran into Harry Flock the frame dealer.  Harry is an old acquaintance and was willing to get me his advice and he picked the same one.  So I went with the majority vote and I am glad I did because it won 2nd Honorable Mention.   All of the paintings are on exhibit and available for purchase at the Mountain Arts Network Gallery in Lake Arrowhead until September 15th.

"Lake Gregory",  11" X 14"
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