Saturday, August 08, 2015

"Classic Sierra Hwy View" ©

As you drive from Santa Clarita to Agua Dulce the road winds though this landscape.  The terrain is dry and roughed with a sprinkling of ranches, a famous cafe and a very nice French Restaurant, named Le Chene.  No matter the season, you can always find a beautiful painting location along the road.  

Oil on canvas, 24" X 36"

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ventura Plein Air Competition 2015

Ventura View, 12X16, oil

The city of Ventura has held an Artwalk for decades and this year added a plein air competition to the event.  Artists were invited to paint for a week and then display their paintings, along with some studio paintings for sale during the Artwalk at the Bell Arts Factory.  I was one of 17 lucky artists to be invited to paint and enjoyed exploring Ventura.  

The painting above was my first effort.  I set up on the side of the CVS building on Olive Street looking up the off ramp of the road to Ojai.  I left the off ramp out of the painting and just focused on all the elements that felt like Ventura to me.  

Surfers Point Wave, 8X10, oil

This little painting was a quick sketch, watching wave after wave roll in.  I think it was successful to some extent because of a comment by a surfer.  He told me, hey you got our "concrete" water perfectly.  I would like to spend more time painting these little waves, soon.  

Maricopa Hwy to Ojai ~ PINK! 16X12, oil

Pure luck, catching this view.  I was going to head home after painting all day and looking at the clouds I thought something good might happen soon.  I headed up to Grant Park, hoping I would have the best view of the sunset and pow! This huge cloud, turned cotton candy pink and it lasted a long time for a sunset.  The little valley below, looking towards Ojai, started to twinkle as lights came on.  Of course I was unable to get all the little buildings and lights, but put in enough to get the idea across to the viewer.  
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