Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Carmel Sands" ©

The last week painting in Monterey County, specifically Carmel for the art festival we had rain, sun, wind and fog.  This painting was done on the main beach, just a bit up from the ocean in the white sand dunes.  Unknowingly I had set up to paint within the space of a beach volley ball court, at the time there wasn't another soul around.  Slowly as the minutes ticked by nets were erected,  balls bounced past my easel and I became increasing aware of being in the wrong spot for a painting.  Finally, when I was at this point of the process,  a very nice guy asked me when my painting would be done.   OK, I got the hint and packed up.  I promise to post more on the festival tomorrow.  

Oil on linen,  14" X 11"

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