Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Laguna Canyon" ©

The people of Laguna Beach purchased the land in the Laguna Canyon to prevent building and protect the wilderness. Two deer came bounding out of the brush, glanced in my direction and as quickly disappeared back into the brush. Painting in the canyon you can just imagine the early California Plein Air painters, discovering the unique light, the beautiful range of colors and thriving in the healthy beach environment.

Oil on Linen Board, 8" X 10"

Purchase from the artist

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Tom Brown said...

Laura, thanks for the compliment on my work. I just took a look at your blog postings and really love your work too. I noticed that many of your paintings are done near where I live in Orange County. Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Crystal Cove are all familiar haunts of mine. If you're going to be painting in the area again some time let me know and maybe we can paint together; I can show you some great spots. - Tom Brown

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