Monday, October 12, 2009

"Dry Creek" ©

Paintings, paintings and more paintings are all over the place. Some just need signing, others need just a bit more paint, several are drying after being varnished and a bunch are waiting for frames. All of this flurry while I am on the last stretch for my upcoming solo show. It looks like I'll have about 60 paintings to deliver on November 1st, so I am feeling really good. "Dry Creek" is one that I was tweaking today and may still work on just a bit more. I am still not sure if it will make the cut.....


Ruth Housley said...

Hi Laura,
I really like this one that you did.
Congratulations on your solo show coming up and I hope you sell a lot.
Ruth Housley

Marian Fortunati said...

Can't wait to see them all in person, Laura!!

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