Monday, March 31, 2014

"Hopper Creek Heritage Valley", #Heritagevalley #paintingprocess #onmyeasel

 I must have painted this spot 10 times, at least.  Sometimes you will hear collectors comment on artists painting the same locations over and over again.   It's been done for centuries.  And really, how can anyone blame us?  The place is easy to get to, lovely to paint no matter the season and as we grow as painters the paintings evolve, always ending up quite different.  

It has been a long time since I posted any process photos so I took a couple on this one.  When I started the painting I was sick with a sinus infection and I had a very difficult time making decisions.  After fighting the little cooties for a week I was able to finish the painting to some degree, which you see in the image above.    

Here is the "start".  I painted a rough line drawing of where all the elements would be placed and started just throwing in big colored areas to find the rhythm of the painting. I am painting the main  areas in their local color and value.

At this point the painting is all there.  Now is the really fun part of pushing the paint around and defining the scene for the viewer.  I used some quick dry medium, so that I could paint layers, leaving enough of the initial layers that they peek though in broken color.

This is the final painting.  I took the photo, just now, on the floor of my bedroom, trying to find a spot in the house that wouldn't create a glare.  The actually painting isn't quite this "hot", especially the mountains but it's pretty close.  

Oil on canvas,  24" X 36"

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