Monday, November 24, 2008

"Fall's Gold" ©

4700 ft. elevation, just before a major storm, the last of fall's gold is dangling in the sunlight. Nature naturally combines complimentary colors, in this case the yellow trees and egg blue sky. "Fall's Gold" was the first painting I painted while on an art trip last weekend to the Sierra's. We had an amazingly productive time, 14 paintings between four artists. Personally I was very lucky to have this opportunity following the John Cosby workshop, as I was able to practice his "pile" method and start tweaking it to work for me. Also Cosby's tip about keeping the paint warm, and white in your pocket paid off, as the creek froze during the night, proving that it was indeed chilly. Standing next to a small lake, painting this piece all I could hear was the faint quacking of ducks in the distance. There were painting possibilities everywhere you looked. I loved it, the air, the colors, the chilly air and warm sun.

Oil on linen panel, 9" X 12"

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