Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Silent Forest" ©

It was absolutely silent. How could that be? Not a human making sound, nor a bird, not even the wind in the pines. We found a spot to paint off of a small two lane road, everyone fanned out and spent the afternoon silently painting. Occasionally I would hear the sound of a brush Ferrel hitting the side of someones turp can, but that was it. I wanted to sing, or just yell to break out and make noise but the spiritual side of standing amongst the ancient trees kept me in line, in the "Silent Forest".
Oil on linen panel, 9" X 12"


Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic! My kind of place too.... and what a lovely painting! I really like the touches of cad orange(?) behind the tree branches and running throughout.

Laura Wambsgans said...

Hi Maggie, it was fantastic, wish I was still up there. The orange that you see here and there is a very thin wash with Gamsol and Transparent Oxide Red, that I scrubbed in before painting the scene. Thanks for looking.

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