Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Sierra Morning" ©

While hunting for the last painting of the Sierra trip, this tiny creek came into view. We had found it the night before, exploring for a morning location, now the sunlight danced in the dry brush and just a hint of the sky reflected in the water. Happy Thanksgiving.

Oil on panel, 6" X 8"

I am hanging my "gone painting" shingle once again. We are headed to Wilits with our speeder to ride the Skunk Railroad to Fort Bragg. (If you are curious about speeders, check out


Marian Fortunati said...

Another wonderfully captured moment in time. Didn't you feel like Wendt's paintings captured time?? (I know that's what you and your friends are trying to do up in Santa Clarita, too.)
ANYHOWWWWWW.... about those speeders... WOW... how interesting and so very different!! How did you get involved in that!
Is there ever any danger of being on the same track with other trains? I've NEVER heard of anything like that... so cool... bet you see some beautiful country... Who goes with you?

Cara said...

Love this -

Laura Wambsgans said...

To answer your questions Marian on the Speeders, Mike (my husband) belongs to an antique tractor club. At an event some of the men set some rails and gave "speeder" rides to anyone willing. I fell head over heels for the little rail cars and just mentioned that it would be fun to have one. That was all it took, Mike found one at a haunted ranch in Santa Paula and we bought our first speeder. There are other trains on the rails, it's all planned so you don't meet. We go as a family, Cassie enjoys riding the rails very much, as we do. You do see landscape and wildlife that wouldn't be viewed otherwise. The other folks are from all walks of life and very friendly. We had the best trip ever.

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