Friday, November 14, 2008

"Laguna Coast" ©

Day 4 John Cosby Workshop - Listening to Cosby speak, sparks pop off in my mind of an idea surfacing and becoming fully illuminated. As an example today the discussion was on creating distance in your painting. Here is the gem: When a structure (tree, pole etc.) that is close to the viewer passes over the distant mountain, soften the edge of the mountain on either side of the structure. Almost to the point of obliterating the edge. Cosby demonstrated this on his painting and the increased feeling of depth was ten fold. Gems are flowing constantly from Cosby, here is one more, simple but amazing true. If you are seeing a problem in your painting, solving the problem area directly isn't always the best solution, sometimes it's better to change something else that relates to the problem. The demonstration for this was Cosby felt his clouds were too green. Instead of changing the cloud color, Cosby put some additional green in the palm tree up in the clouds and that solved the green cloud problem. A real TA-DAA moment.

Oil on Linen panel, 8" X 10"

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